Breathing Room

This week I took a step for my family that is going to create some breathing room for us. I quit my day job. For me, this has been a much needed, long awaited step and I am so ready for this next season of life that will hopefully include more margin, more time for my family to enjoy each other, more snuggles, and more peace.

And I take an extra breath.

Sitting on my couch with the baby napping in the next room, drinking my green drink, and looking forward to the day ahead. Looking forward to teaching a yoga class this morning, visiting with my mom, taking care of things around the house later on. Grateful for this moment, the time to take an extra breath.

Grateful for the weeks and months ahead when I plan to grow my practice and my teaching. Grateful for my teachers and my students. Grateful that we never stop learning. Looking forward to a season full of growth.

Another breath… and another… and another.



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