October Reflections

It’s the last day of October, and looking back at the last few months I’m amazed at what I’ve been allowed to do. What I’m continuing to do and get to look forward to for a while. Staying home with Evan, dropping off Owen at school and picking him up every day, teaching yoga, putting my new-ish home together, and taking some much needed breaths. For years I ached for this, and now that it’s here there isn’t a day that it’s lost on me how great God is for answering my prayers.

I don’t always do it right. I waste some days, and some days I pack too full for the memories to stick. But I’m figuring this new life out and loving it day by day.

My friend Melissa does a thing on her blog where she looks back before looking forward. I’ve always been a “look forward” type of person, really not looking back much. It isn’t until very recently that I even saw much value in looking back. In our culture we are always on to the next thing, sometimes even before the now is over. In looking back, it allows me to see how great this life really is. So on the last day of October I’m going to look back over the last few months and take you along for the ride.

What I’ve been up to lately



Each day I try to spend time in the Word, and I’ve been using the Sacred Ordinary Days planner and reading through the Bible using the liturgical calendar. There is something that makes my heart swell up and want to dig deeper knowing that all over the world there are others reading the same readings that are in front of me that day. It makes me feel like God is on the move in hearts and that maybe he can be on the move in mine. Like I’m beating the right drums that day. I use the planner to write prayer requests in and plan out my days.



I also have been spending my days loving on this little guy. When Owen was little I didn’t get to spend days with him since I worked full time, so this is new and I’m loving it. I often wonder if I’m enough for him, wanting him to have some great experiences and learn quickly, but he seems to be learning and growing great despite my shortfalls. We spend a lot of time reading and singing and doing baby-appropriate activities from the curriculum at the Little Light House, which is free online to anyone who wants to download it. It is a curriculum for kids from six months to six years old, incorporating Bible stories, songs, and activities for each age level that go with each story. It is an amazing resource. If you have little kids at home you should download it today. Pick a story and do it. It’s amazing. In the photo below he’s holding the story book for the Creation story. He really does love it.



In addition to teaching a few yoga classes each week, I’m going through Holy Yoga’s  Yoga Therapy program, which allows me to really dive into how yoga can help in healing. I love it, and I love what it is already teaching me and allowing me to do for clients in my classes. It is a weekly class with lots of reading and some homework, and it will go until next summer. Most of my free time goes to this program, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to grow my practice and my teaching skills.



I’ve also recently gotten into making baby food. I bought these refillable pouches and made some different blends that you might find recipes for on here shortly. So far every recipe has been Evan approved.


Fun things we’ve done


A few weeks ago we took a little family trip to Oklahoma City to go to the Science Museum, and we also stopped at the Myriad Botanical Gardens and were surprised to find a Pumpkin festival of some kind going on. The gardens were beautiful and they have a wonderful children’s garden with things to climb and lots of things to explore. I want to go back sometime when the pumpkin festival is over, but it was a fun surprise to find extra activities that we weren’t expecting.




We also attended the Little Light House Laps for Little Ones and Mini-Laps events and helped raise money for the fun run. Owen and I raised over $1,500 and he had fun taking laps around the track. Of course his favorite part was playing with his friend Lucy at the carnival afterwards.


Sharing his cotton candy? Now that’s love.

What I’m looking forward to in November

Drinking hot tea as I put up my Christmas tree for our first Christmas in our new home. November is such a month of celebrations for us. Our anniversary, my birthday, and Owen’s birthday all fall in November. We usually decorate for Christmas on my birthday, which is November 15. I also start to cook and bake for the holidays and cooking settles my soul in a way that not much else can. I’m also looking forward to finishing the arranging and decorating of our house, which I am very close to doing. Owen decided he wants to switch his bedroom to a different room so we will be rotating rooms soon and I will set up my office and hopefully get some more writing done.

Every November I like to make thankfulness a theme in Holy Yoga, so I’m looking forward to planning that out. There is so much power in being thankful, and I love to see that power unfold in people’s lives and hearts in class.

I hope you had a great October, full of joy and peace. See you again soon!



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